Smart Film is a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) Film encapsulated between two layers of conductive inter layers that are Plastic substrates (PET) applied with conductive layers
(ITO). Through the applied power control, the (PDLC) films can quickly change from clear (On) and opaque (Off). When the power of Smart Film is turned Off, the liquid crystal turn into scattering position and the micro reflective index of material is mismatched, resulting in the strong scattering effect, that leaves the Smart Film opaque. When the power is turned On to the Smart Film, the liquid crystals lines up and the reflective index do the same, then the scattering is sharply depressed, this changes the Smart Film from opaque to clear.




MART Film is based on digital shading technology that allows the color of the film to go from non-transparent to transparent when you apply a current through it.  SMART Film will give you the option for privacy on demand by adjusting the amount of light traveling through your window.